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About She made modern blogger, Shae Brown. DIY modern design on a budget
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I make things and I make things and I can’t stop making things and these things are mostly modern things.  I do it partly because I’m a tightwad,  partly to save the planet (by repurposing and recycling), and most of all because projects keep me sane and happy.  Some of the things I’ve made end up being crap (I’m not afraid to try stupid things), but some of the projects, I thought, people might enjoy seeing how I did it.


I don’t take design too seriously (nor myself).   I am a firm believer in Wabi Sabi, mostly because striving for perfection drives me crazy, but also because I like things (and people for that matter) with imperfections.  They are more interesting.


Growing up I never had the money to match my taste, so I learned how to make what I wanted (as it was hard to find anything remotely modern that was affordable back in the day).  I was a self-and-my-friend-Brian-taught furniture builder and designer in my twenties.  I had babies and became a web and graphic designer in my thirties.  In my forties, I guess I will be doing a little of all of it with this blog (except for the babies – I am not having any more babies!).


I am also hoping to highlight other women  (and maybe even some men who are in touch with their inner woman) on the blog who are making and designing things.

**that’s why it’s called She Made Modern.


I hope you enjoy it (but if you don’t, just pretend like you do).

Thanks for being interested,



I am happy to help with any design questions you may have.  I am also open to making bespoke furniture or accessories, so inquire if you are interested.  Please visit my small online store under the t1me for a cure tab of which all the proceeds go to Type 1 diabetes research and/or aid for those who cannot afford the high cost of supplies and insulin.  The shop will be updated periodically so visit again soon if items are sold out.