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Drywall tape
modern and cheap storage box
duct tape storage boxes

Storage boxes and baskets are crucial for my peculiar mix of being both anal and lazy.


I have an organization philosophy that I want to share with you (that’s right- I am a philosopher akin to Chomsky, Aristotle, and Plato.  The difference being that I only philosophize about those really important things in life like home organization :-P).  If you were wondering, my philosophy has a name: CONTAINED CHAOS.


In my studies (which consist of me living in my home) on this subject I have found that mental energy and time is wasted and that beastly psycho-anal part of myself is fed by being overly organized.  Also, if everything was perfect in my home then I would have to nag everyone incessantly to keep it that way and they would hate me as much as I would hate myself.


Therefore, my findings have led me to use a system which is comprised of boxes and baskets that are assigned for different specific types of shit, or just assigned to all the shit that piles up on the dining table, or maybe all the shit I used just now and don’t feel like going downstairs to put away.  The things in the boxes and baskets are not orderly and as a matter of fact are jumbled up from all the burrowing into them that we do on a daily basis by looking for that specific thing we want.  The beauty of this system is that we can continue to be sloppy but don’t have to look at all the slop, we have a general idea of where things might be,  and we get to perform daily scavenger hunts!

So, now that you have been introduced to the Contained Chaos Philosophy, I will tell you how to make or repair storage boxes that look pretty nice without costing much money by upcycling your own broken down boxes or  boxes from the grocery store or shoe store or whatever store you buy things from.




  • Boxes (ones you have that are ugly or broken, or sturdy boxes from grocery, shoe store, etc..  I used egg boxes from the grocery store for the black and white boxes and some broken boxes for the off white boxes).
  • Duct Tape (any color you’d like) and/or Perforated drywall tape
  • Paint (if you are using a cardboard box along with the perforated tape)
  • That’s it!


How To:


  1. Take your crappy box and either paint it and wrap it with tape or just wrap it with tape
  2. That’s it!
Drywall tape

Perforated Drywall Tape.  This stuff is awesome.  You peel the back off and stick it to whatever.  Just be sure to press and rub it down well so that it will stay stuck.

modern and cheap storage box
duct tape storage boxes
  • Katie Wilson

    December 15, 2016 at 6:24 pm Reply

    Love these ideas. Definitely need lots of boxes to put all shit we collect into. 😜

    • shae

      December 15, 2016 at 10:29 pm Reply

      Thanks, Katie!

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