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After exterior renovation, other than not having painted the posts white ( the clouds were so pretty, I wanted to use this picture anyway :-).)

Before the renovation,  the house was a beautiful skin color with orange brick the color of Donald Trump’s face (barf, just typing his name gives me an upset stomach).  So, obviously something needed to be done.  After closing in the screened porch to create a mudroom, I closed in the right weird L cutout which was part of the carport which I am making into my wood shop.  I added 2 windows for light into the shop and to balance the facade of the house.  I wanted modern lines and wood to keep the modern aesthetic of the house from going to slick.  I am laid back and a house that is too formal wouldn’t let me live in it.  It would kick my slovenly ass out.  I built the steps for the deck so they are set back into the deck as to keep the lines horizontal.  The structure on the left is the dog fence where the dogs can go out of the dog door we installed in the basement without any assistance ( in other words, I don’t have to get up off the couch to let them in and out over and over all night).

I’ll do another post soon with some of the details of the deck build and what I used to make the railing.  Thanks for reading and looking.

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  • Kelli Puckett

    November 12, 2016 at 5:30 pm Reply

    Great eye for transformation and the skills to back it up. Love it!

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