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t1me for a cure

t1me for a cure


It has been a while.  I have been slacking on the blog partially because I’ve been focused on this here project :-).

I have been wanting to do another fundraiser for type 1 diabetes but differently than the last one I tried.  The last one was a festival of crafts and music.  It was fun but not my forte.  Organizing a bunch of people and begging folks to contribute crafts was kind of a nightmare for me, so I decided to try something a little different.  I created a concept called “t1me for a cure” where I would make odd, modern clocks and sell them online but then I promptly veered off from the idea and made earrings as well.  It doesn’t fit the “time” theme but as soon as I make a rule for myself, I have to break it.  So, while I will continue to have a few clocks in what will hopefully be periodic online sales, I will make various other items too.


All of the items are one of a kind and crafted from reclaimed wood and other materials.  I am donating all of my labor and materials and giving 100% – any shipping costs to research for a cure.  This time I will be giving to Dr. Faustman in particular.  Please read about her trials if you are interested.  These trials may make a difference with other autoimmune disorders as well.


My son being diagnosed 3 years ago at the age of 5 was a huge life change for the whole family.  Most type 1’s and their parents make it look easy, so no one notices the difficulties they face.  Well, screw being stoic,  I want to let you know how hard it’s been and why I want to help  give my son a chance at being “normal” again.  This disease is mentally and physically exhausting and every type 1 diabetic is a freaking superhero.  Right now while my son is young, I bear the brunt of the responsibility (so I’m a temporary half-superhero), but one day he will take over and it will all be his and this breaks my heart because it is hard work and life is already hard enough.  I want to try to make it go away before this happens.  It’s a long shot, I know, but a girl’s gotta try and short of going back to school and getting a phd in immunology and starting my own research, this is the best I could come up with in my perpetually sleep deprived brain.  I didn’t mention that part yet, but yes, I only get to sleep through the night about once a month or so.  Every type 1 is different, but my son is very irregular at night and some nights he has stubborn highs and some nights he goes low over and over and even if things are going well I wake up out of habit to check that all systems are operating correctly (cgm, pump, and my phone is receiving cgm signal).


There is a great person to follow on facebook who is a mom of an 8 year old type 1.  She so eloquently explains what life is like through stories of her son, Luke, and their adorable diabetic alert dog, Jedi.  It will teach you a lot while making your heart smile.  They are all amazing and Luke’s mom is my hero.


Previously, I have done fundraising for JDRF, which is a great organization which provides wonderful help and education to those newly diagnosed, but they fund more treatment research than cure research and so I wanted to adjust that ratio by funding the aforementioned  very promising researcher, solely working toward a cure.  Please visit the JDRF site to learn more about type 1 and the signs and symptoms to be aware of in case you or your child are affected and feel free to donate to them as well.    There is currently no known cause and type 1, as well as, all autoimmune disorders have been increasing in incidence.  You could save a life by knowing what to look for and just being aware of this disorder.  Many doctors overlook this as a possible diagnosis and send people home thinking they have a virus.  So, learn the signs and request a very inexpensive and easy blood glucose test if you are suspicious.


Okay, without further ado, I bring you the T1me for a Cure store and the products in it.  There are 20 clocks and 14 pairs of earrings for this go round.  All one of a kind.  If you aren’t interested or these things aren’t your taste, consider them for a gift or just donate directly to Dr. Faustman.  Visit the “t1me for a cure” tab in the nav menu to shop or peruse, but here are a few items that are my favorites:

Thank you so much for being interested and even if you can’t donate, just reading about type 1 and being aware of it is a wonderful contribution to the cause!

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